Funginix Toe Nail Fungus Treatment – How Effective Is It?

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Yet another over-the-counter method to treat toe fungus, Funginix, has joined the multitude of other products that reportedly can cure this rather common albeit annoying health condition.

It is definitely no news that toenail fungus is extremely difficult and traditional, prescription medication hasn’t had much results in terms of a treatment or cure for the millions who must cope with the condition. But, does Funginix work? does it stand above from all the other products available and could it really be a viable way to prevent the use of prescription drugs and their negative effects? ?

things To know about Funginix

Although the product name is new, Funginix has actually been on the market as Fungisil since July 2008 and was released newly under this new name on May 1, 2010. In the few short years it has been available Funginix has gained in popularity as a broad number of consumers are now telling others that it is their treatment of choice.

Funginix was developed by the Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, a highly esteemed healthcare company who is well versed in the area of nail fungus as well as skin care and beauty products. the topical medicine contains a total of 24 inactive ingredients known for their antifungal properties, one active ingredient (undecylenic acid, USP 10%) and nothing that is harsh.

Funginix has been accepted for use by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for treating nail fungus and it causes no side effects and also comes along with a 60 day, no questions asked money-back surety.

Funginix, or Fungisil, is one of the best selling OTC toenail fungus treatments in terms of its effectiveness and its stellar customer satisfaction rates. according to our statistics an impressive 80% of consumers thus far have reported clear, fungus-free nails after 6 to 12 weeks of treatment while 40% noticed improvement after a mere two weeks.

Even those with the most severe cases of nail fungus report that their issue was gone within three to six months after using Funginix and the company’s customer service record also receives rave reviews.

The ingredients used to make Funginix include a mingling of proven anti-fungal agents that have undergone extensive testing to determine their efficacy along with natural, essential oils and herbal extracts used to sooth the irritated skin and nails.

Some of the inactive components you will see inside Funginix include camphor, menthol, vitamin E, bearberry extract, and the essential oils jasmine, lavender, rose hip, sweet almond, and tea tree. All 25 ingredients in Fungisil are blended together in therapeutic dosages, as opposed to the bevy of home remedies that recommend using only one all natural ingredient such as tea tree or oregano oil.

The amazing benefits of painstakingly blending these ingredients is that they are used to peak performance to fight nail fungus infections while minimizing risks of skin irritation.

how To use Funginix

Funginix is really not complicated to apply and is put on the infected nails twice daily allowing the topical medicine the ability to fight the fungus that has invaded the nail bed. the hands, feet and nails should always be kept clean and dry before applying Funginix.

Using the included brush applicator, apply Funginix to the affected areas in the morning before putting on socks or shoes and one more time in the evening before bedtime. the applicator should be used for working the solution under the nail bed and you can use a cotton swab for applying it to the cuticles.

The suggested length of treatment for completely killing all nail fungus is three to six months in accordance with the severity of the infection although you may see a marked improvement in the way your nails appear far sooner than this.?

Here is What Funginix does

Although there are no medical studies available on Funginix in regards to its effectiveness our consumer research showed a satisfaction rate that is head and shoulders above most products on the market and it put this product in the rather short list of actually working treatments to consider. and while no medication can guarantee that every patient who uses it will be rid of fungus forever, the biggest portion of Funginix users do say their toenail fungus problem has been cured.

In conclusion, Funginix, the formerly named Fungisil, definitely has an established track record and a solid reputation as being an effective means of eliminating toenail fungus. this is definitely good news for nail fungus victims but they should remember that Funginix is not the only option to consider before starting treatment. To learn more about this treatment we recommend you to read our in depth Funginix Reviews so you can take an informed decision.

When you decide to treat your nail fungus it is still best to fully explore every treatment available and get some good information on the most current information regarding this irritating but relatively harmless issue before proceeding with any type of treatment.

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Funginix Toe Nail Fungus Treatment – How Effective Is It?

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