Foot Fungus – What it is, Who’s at Risk and How to Treat It

 Foot Fungus   What it is, Whos at Risk and How to Treat It

Perhaps the most common type of foot fungus that exists is what everyone usually hears referred to as Athlete’s foot. Despite the name, it is not something that only athletes can get, but it is very commonly seen within that group. it is an infection of the skin on the feet that is brought about due to a fungus. One specific type of fungus, which is called Trichophyton, is known for being the leading cause of Athlete’s foot. your feet are more susceptible for contracting a case of this type of fungus when they stay warm and moist. A fungal infection can occur anywhere on your body, but having them pop up on your feet is more common, due to the fact that you keep your feet enclosed in socks and shoes all day, allowing them to stay warm and moist for a long duration.

So how do you know if you have become the victim of a foot fungus like Athlete’s foot? The first thing you will likely notice right off the bat is an increased amount of itching. this will vary somewhat from person to person and is usually linked to how bad the infection is, but there will certainly be more itching than if you didn’t have a fungus. you will also usually feel a burning sensation on your foot and this can vary too, depending on the person, on how much of a sensation you feel. also look for peeling skin. If you have an extreme case of Athlete’s foot, there is likely going to be some pain and even bleeding involved as well. In rare cases, there are some who have an infection and don’t even know it because they do have any of these symptoms.

The treatment for Athlete’s foot or any type of foot fungus will usually involve some type of antifungal cream or some type of medicated wash to help treat the infection. If you see that your foot is starting to swell, turn red or bleed, then it is time to seek medical attention. If you are using some type of cream or wash to treat your fungal infection and see that it is not going away, then you should also consider seeing a doctor.

Since athletes are more prone to foot fungus than others, it is very important to allow your feet time to breathe, as this can help prevent a future infection.

Foot Fungus – What it is, Who’s at Risk and How to Treat It

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