Foot Fungus – Nail Fungus Home Remedies That Work

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This article describes various toenail fungus home remedies that truly work. after reading it, you’ll be one step closer on the road to relief.

using toenail fungus home remedies rather than over the counter preparations or prescription medication is well worth your consideration. There are many sites online that have tips on everyday household things that can help fight discoloration and thickening of nails and roughness of the skin of toes and heels.

Some people may be interested in do it yourself treatment to save the cost of a doctor’s visit. Especially for those with no medical insurance or with a high deductible policy, the office visit charge and the cost of a prescription may make trying alternatives very attractive. Also, there are many testimonials that claim better results with things most doctors would never suggest.

There is also the fact that prescription drugs have serious side effects for the unfortunate few who are susceptible. Especially the internal fungicides may be dangerous enough to keep those with a mainly cosmetic problem from turning to such drastic measures. Many who do try the drugs without suffering serious consequences find that the condition disappears only to return a few months after treatment is finished.

Yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract is considered by many to be the source of systemic fungal infections. For this reason it is suggested that the diet be free of sugary foods, while rich in vegetables, roughage, and friendly bacteria from yogurt and other cultured dairy products. Supplementing with a probiotic capsule once a day is also believed to be good in maintaining healthy nails and skin.

other foods that are fungicides are vinegar – the apple cider variety for consumption – and garlic. Vinegar can be added to water to help digestion, keep the bloodstream alkaline, and provide valuable minerals. Added to bath water, it promotes healthy skin and fights fungus. Garlic can be eaten – raw is best but cooked garlic is also considered a potent nutrient – and used as a topical rub for nails. the powdered herb can be worn in the shoes to help fight fungi that grow in the dark and poorly ventilated shoes that people wear in the cooler months.

White vinegar is also good when added to bathtubs or foot soaks, and can be sprayed undiluted on feet after soaking. It will clear up skin infections and help restore nails to health, although the process is slow. However, many people feel that this distilled product works as well as most over the counter topical ointments or liquids that cost much more.

Herbal teas are recommended as additives for foot baths and for cleansing the bloodstream. Lavender, oregano, chamomile, and pau d’arco are on the list of useful teas. Goldenseal is a potent herb with many health benefits, but its regular use as a beverage may inhibit the colonies of beneficial probiotic organisms you want to nourish. However, as a soak it is highly recommended.

other toenail fungus home remedies include tea tree oil, which can be found at most health food stores or online, and many supplements: vitamins B complex, E, a, and C, and the immune system boosting mineral zinc. Biotin, one of the B group, may stimulate faster growth of new, healthy nail tissue. Check online for more information about these and other easily procured and natural aids to beautiful toenails.

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Foot Fungus – Nail Fungus Home Remedies That Work

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