Eco-friendly organic nail salon pops up in Baltimore

 Eco friendly organic nail salon pops up in Baltimore

BALTIMORE – who says you can’t be environmentally conscious when it comes to beauty? a new nail salon that recently opened in Locust Point operates solely on that concept. in an eco-friendly environment beautifying nails while keeping all the chemicals out.

Juste-B Nail Salon sits on a quite corner in Locus Point; it’s not your average nail salon because it provides a whole new concept specializing in organic nail care. The salon provides all natural services using only water-based polishes. Homemade scrubs and lotions are also made on site. The salon is not only the first of its kind in Baltimore, but in the state.

“I really wanted to bring something to Baltimore for women, children, men, old and young alike who wanted to experience the beauty of nail care without the worry about harming themselves, without harming the environment,” said Maryam Dennis who is the founder of Juste-B salon.

Dennis says the motivation behind the salon came after she began living a holistic, natural and eco-friendly life. she also wanted to raise the awareness about the harmful chemicals that can enter the body through nails.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize if you can get bacteria or fungus in your mouth or you can also get it through your fingernails”, said Dennis.

When you walk into Juste-B you’ll not only notice the beautiful relaxing décor but something very distinctive. It doesn’t smell like your average nail salon. You can’t smell anything because the water-based polishes don’t have a scent.

Juste-B offers several services such as your basic manicure and pedicure but each month a new natural flavor is offered to enhance your experience along with a cocktail to match. “This month is gingerbread so that service includes a sugar scrub with the flavor of the month, honey almond moister treatment and towels,” said Kenya Butler who has worked for many years in the business.

Since the salon opened in June, business has been steadily building. The pioneering concept of a complete organic nail salon has received both national and international attention. “It’s definitely cool putting us on the map,” said Dennis.

Organic nail services at Juste-B salon can run you anywhere from $12 to $60.

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Eco-friendly organic nail salon pops up in Baltimore

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