Dr. Bruce Marko of Enhanced Images Medical Appears on Charlotte Today to Discuss Laser Liposuction

 Dr. Bruce Marko of Enhanced Images Medical Appears on Charlotte Today to Discuss Laser Liposuction

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) October 25, 2011

Dr. Bruce Marko of Enhanced Images Medical announced today that on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 11am, he appeared on WCNC’s Charlotte Today to discuss SmartLipo Laser Body Sculpting, the revolutionary, minimally-invasive laser lipo procedure that removes fat using a high-powered laser to sculpt and contour the body. Smartlipo is a proven alternative to traditional liposuction that offers highly-acknowledged results.

Dr. Marko explains, “Laser lipolysis differs from traditional liposuction because it employs a very small cannula that contains a heated laser fiber which gently melts fat and tightens skin. The SmartLipo cannula is inserted into the skin through a tiny incision – so small that there’s no need for stitches. as the laser’s energy is delivered to the fat cells, it melts them, and the fat easily drains away.” one satisfied patient had the SmartLipo procedure with Dr. Marko at Enhanced Images Medical and reported, “It has been about 2 months since I’ve had SmartLipo and I look and feel absolutely fabulous! I am so happy and excited. My abdomen is flat again, and I’m beginning to see some definition in my inner thighs.”

Throughout the interview on WCNC’s Charlotte Today, Dr. Marko shared his extensive knowledge as a 20+ year medical and cosmetic surgery veteran. Dr. Marko described the procedure, including before and after photos to affirm the dramatic results. as an experienced surgeon, trained in both tumescent liposuction and laser lipolysis, Dr. Marko has performed over 1,000 SmartLipo procedures on patients in office in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Marko added that there are additional benefits to SmartLipo, “As the laser interacts with the skin it causes the collagen fibers to shorten, resulting in skin tightening. What’s more, because only local anesthesia is needed, we are able to perform the procedure in the comfort of our office suite.”

Watch Dr. Marko’s September 13, 2011, WCNC video here: http://enhancedimagesmedical.com/news/dr-marko-discusses-smart-lipo-on-charlotte-today/ .

To learn more about SmartLipo with Dr. Marko of Enhanced Images Medical, call (704) 295-9099 or visit http://enhancedimagesmedical.com.

About Enhanced Images Medical Enhanced Images Medical offers the latest in hair, body and skin rejuvenation treatments in a relaxing environment in Charlotte, NC. Treatments include: Hair Restoration, Laser Hair Rejuvenation, SmartLipo Laser Body Sculpting, Zerona®, BOTOX®, Juvéderm®, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Acne Treatments, Sun damage Removal (brown and age spots), Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Permanent Cosmetics and Clinical Level Facials. Dr. Bruce Marko is a board-certified Ob/Gyn, is certified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. The treatments provided at Enhanced Images Medical have minimal to no downtime. Consultations are complimentary, and financing is available. For more information call 704-295-9099 or visit http://www.enhancedimagesmedical.com

About Dr. Bruce Marko Dr. Bruce Marko is board certified by the American College of OBGYN and is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Nebraska and completed his residence at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Dr. Marko is affiliated with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecology and is also one of a handful of Fellowship Trained, Board-Certified Hair Restoration Surgeons in the world. He has taken numerous courses and is certified in specific procedure training offered by Enhanced Images Medical including Mini FaceLifts, SmartLipo, Zerona Body Slimming and Treatment of Laser Toe Nail Fungus. Dr. Marko is also one of a handful of Fellowship Trained, Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeons in the world.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bruce Marko, call (704) 295-9099 or visit http://enhancedimagesmedical.com.

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Dr. Bruce Marko of Enhanced Images Medical Appears on Charlotte Today to Discuss Laser Liposuction

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