Does Vicks vapor rub work on nails with fungus?

1302891139 90 Does Vicks vapor rub work on nails with fungus?

So I've heard. any other home remedies?

I have heard that Vicks works, but I'm not sure what the science behind it is…

I've also heard that vinegar works – but it takes a few months of doing it every day… the theory behind this one is that vinegar is an acid and fungus doesn't thrive well in an acidic environment so by dipping or "painting" your nails multiple times per day in an acid solution, the fungus will eventually die off….

Nail fungus is a fungal infection of the nail also known as onychomycosis in the medial world.

Studies show that while nail fungus is a common occurrence, it will typically infect the toenails. Very seldom will nail fungus attack the fingernails. Further studies show that approximately twelve percent of the U.S. population has some sort of nail fungus and it is typical with age. People aged 40 and older are the most susceptible to nail fungus. Like many other forms of affliction, nail fungus is hereditary; it seems to run in families. some others may be more susceptible to nail fungus as well such as those who have a suppressed immune system due to certain diseases or treatments. People who have been diagnosed with AIDS, have received transplants, are undergoing cancer treatments are at risk.

there are lots of treatments for that and i looked this link (Zetaclear) it seems to be a good cure.

Use Tea Tree oil instead. It's very light and gets down to where it needs to be better. Works great.

Does Vicks vapor rub work on nails with fungus?

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