Does anyone know of a home remedy treatment forToe Nail Fungus?

1303278498 91 Does anyone know of a home remedy treatment forToe Nail Fungus?

The Dr wants to remove the nail but my friend does not want her nail removed,and the side affects of the medication is awful and it could take up to a year for the medication to work.

Toenail fungus is something that takes awhile to get rid of. Ask the doctor to do a partial matrixectomy. this will remove the sides of the toenail but leaving the middle section. sometimes the fungus medicine will work better when just part of the nail is removed and this doesn't look quite so bad. Use the fungal medication faithfully or you'll never get rid of it.

paint thinner and sand paper

It is an immune problem. Improve the immune system to get rid of the fungus. In the meantime simply get your toenails painted. it doesn't hurt and no side effects. About $25 at most nail salons. Get a pedicure.

Do not tell her to get a pedicure. Fungus can spread to other people if the technician is not sanitary. any treatment will take a while to work. I have heard that Vic's vapor rub applied a few times a day will help. it will take a while though. it can't hurt to try.

One of the most difficult things to get rid of. it took me almost 2 years to clear one up, using lotrimin on it twice a day, for almost 2 years. The only home remedy I can think of is, remove the toe?

My mom had hers removed and I have to say she likes it! can always get fake ones put on now…….ya know they do fake tonails just like fingernails…………..and no fungus!!

I suggest going to your local pharmacy store like Walgreen's, Walmart etc and picking up some toe nail fungus cream that is of a high dosage. Or you can just get a prescription from your doctor, who can prescribe a higher dosage that is designed to work on your toes.

trust me ive worked with a podiatrist and the best thing to do is remove the nail, and its not all that bad because your friend can always reconstrct a nail again, it happens all the time.removing a nail is not as bad as it sounds

Whatever your friend decides to do – DO NOT polish the nail (it can't breathe) and DO NOT get a pedicure – many of the nail industry soaking whirlpools carry disease (because of improper cleaning!)…also, the fungus could spread… I suggest your friend goes to a podiatrist to learn about other options available beside nail removal.
Good Luck!

Does anyone know of a home remedy treatment forToe Nail Fungus?

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