Does anyone have a true CURE for toe nail fungus?

1307855063 31 Does anyone have a true CURE for toe nail fungus?

here's the tricky part…

i know the pills are effective. my father used them and they worked great. only problem is they do come with side effects.

i'm looking for a external solution to bad toenail fungus. it's been there in the toes for some 15 years… i know, gross, but i've tried a ton of different cremes and none work completely. they start the job but in the end the fungus wins every time. i want the best creme used in extreme fungus alerts.

thanks people!

Some people have had good results by using Vick's Vaporub (the menthol chest rub for colds). it is cheap and has no side effects.

Cut your toes off.

Go to a good foot doctor and tell the doctor what you wrote to us. I sure they would know better. Good luck.

pills work, i give them to all my patients.. you will have to do some bloodwork for liver function called LFT's but if you are young and otherwise healthy, you should have clearer nails in 8 months or so

There is a clear nail polish that you can get by prescription from a doctor. I believe it is called penlac. it will get rid of fungal problems with toe-nails. the over the counter creams are generally not that effective.

Try some tea tree oil otherwise known as melaleuca alternifolia. It's from a tree in Australia and is found in most herb shops or Walmart or drug store. It's natural. it kills fungus, germs, and is a great pesticide. even gets rid of head lice with a few drops to shampoo and conditioner.
RX: wash foot with soap( if liquid you can add two drops to it) & water then dry completely. drop 4 drops to infected area. place a clean cotton cloth or sock on foot. do this 2x's a day until 1 week after complete signs are gone. Remember it didn't get there over night it won't go away over night job, but it will get the job done. I know I had it just about the same as you.

Basically toe nail fungus is in most cases hereditary. If you do not want to take the pills then there is another option (i would go for the pills personally), but it is entirely up to you!

You will need to get a referral from you doctor or in some cases it can be performed at a local surgery. They basically make an incision above the cuticle where the nerve is and cut out the infected area, this is what is causing you nail to grow fungus, once this is done your nail will grow normal and healthy. do not be to scared, most people that have this treatment go home almost immediately without any complications. the area will be numb from the local anaesthetic and any if any pain (which should be minimal) can be minimised by simple pain killers.

Does anyone have a true CURE for toe nail fungus?

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