Do you know of any home remedies for nail funguses?

1303457774 14 Do you know of any home remedies for nail funguses?

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tea tree oil.
i am not a fizzichyan


Since the end of March 2008, I had toe nail fungus on my left big toe caused by an ingrown nail. It was so ingrown, that I had to have it removed by a podiatrist then I developed the fungus. The typical symptoms developed, white and yellow, thick and brittle etc.. I didn't have the money to get a prescription so I asked the doctor what I could use that I could buy myself at pharmacy over the counter. He suggested products like fungi-clear, and things of that nature. so I picked one up and began "painting" it on my toenail. After a month or so, it just got worse. Then it spread to my right big toenail. After that, I read about 100 different forums,blogs and other on websites about natural remedies like hydrogen preoxide soaks, listerine and white vinegar. All of which I tried and seemed to hinder the fungus from getting worse, but took a very long time before seeing any improvement. Since March of 08 when the initial fungus began, I've been eating a bannana each day of the week-Monday through Friday to boost potassium and promote faster nail growth as I tried to kill the fungus so when a new nail grew in, it would be fungus free. The potassium has helped considerably in this effort. now, the "cure" I found. I quote "cure" because it's the only thing that worked for me since all the other stuff I tried. It's called Nonyx Gel. It is a gel that is vinegar based so the vinegar home remedy is true. now, the reason I bought the gel is because rather than vinegar where you soak for 10 or 15 minutes every day, you apply the gel to the infected area and it stays put. you can go about your business. I've been living with this fugus on my toenails for 6 months now and then developed a fungus on my left thumb nail last month. I believe that's because I did not take caution when touching my toes. so I bought this gel just 4 days ago. I applied it to my toe nails and thumb nail and have seen SIGNIFICANT improvement. The nails are clearer looking, not as yellow, the skin is drying a bit around the nail due the vinegar, but that will heal and I am well on my way to being cured. In addition, becuase I hve this nail fungus, I started developing small white bumps on the palms of my hands. These bumps are clear in fluid when popped then crack and peel. Until the fungus is completely gone, the bumps will not dissapear. Since I've been applying the Nonyx gel 4 days ago, my skin condition from this infection has alos improved very well. my toe nails are starting to look so much better already in just a few days. I'm sure it will take at least a month to see at least an 80% improvement. I apply the gel once in the morning and once at night, am sure to wash my hands after ward and let it do it's magic. I got this recommendation from another forum about the Nonyx gel as someone else had tried everything natural under the sun too. now, you can buy it at CVS pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite Aid…etc. It does cost $24.99 so it is a bit expensive, but it's 4oz and gives you enough for a 3 month supply if needed. Continue to apply it even after the fungus is gone to keep it away. I'm not trying to "promote" the product, it's just something I decided to try and see that it's working wonderfully for me. Hope this helps.

Do you know of any home remedies for nail funguses?

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