Do I still have nail fungus?

1307826210 74 Do I still have nail fungus?

I've had nail fungus for two month, and since I noticed it I've constantly been treating them. Mostly by going to the beach, spending time in the pool, sun, dipping them in bleach/water every day and trimming them really short. Two month have passed now, and I think its gone because when I touch the nail it doesn't seem to hurt, however there is still a slight yellow color that remains on the tip. I'd be surprised to know if they really are cured because people said this would take at least 6 month to get treated, perhaps its because I live in the Bahamas, and am always wearing flip-flops? I don't know….anyways here is the link to a picture of my nails, only the big ones were infected really:
Tell me what you think, and also how long are my toenails going to take to grow back, as you can see I trimmed them really really short.

Don't be so sure just yet. you need to continuously cure it. Remedies like tea tree oil or oregano oil are best for that job. its a long process that you have to endure. It won't be cured just in two months. as you see some signs are still there. Though the pain is gone but the fungus is still deeply embedded under the nail.

the picture of the big toenail isn't very clear but…it does look like there is more toenail fungus. I think that if they recommend a 6 month treatment that you continue til you are done. I think that if all the fungus is not taken care of…even just a slight piece of it that you might get the toenail fungus back.

Sniff, sniff. Yea, they are still infected. I can smell it from here. Here is my suggestion, since yahoo answers is where all the smart people go for medical advice……
Go see a doctor. I'm sure there is at least one doctor in your back water town that can diagnose the fungi better that us. and guess what, they might actually be able to give you this neat new thing called a prescription. this would probably work. Or, you know, you could always just continue asking us. we didn't go to med school or anything. we clearly know more than any doctor would.

Do I still have nail fungus?

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