Do i have a nail fungus under my acrylic nail?

 Do i have a nail fungus under my acrylic nail?

i've been wearing acrylic nails off and on for two years. recently when i got them done, i noticed a small dark spot on the corner of the pink part of my pinky nail. that is gone, but part of the pink part of my nail is like a white-ish color. oh i smelt it one day & it kinda smells like mildew. ew. is this a fungus?

Here are some ways that may help you to prevent fungal infections:

• Keep your feet dry, avoid constant moisture
• Avoid nonporous, closed shoes made of synthetic materials
• Wear absorbent socks, preferably cotton or wool
• Wear water-proof sandals when public showers

Also, after showering or swimming, dry your feet completely with a clean towel. Keep your nails cut short.

Additionally, if you are going to a salon for a manicure or pedicure, be selective about the salon and how they sterilize their instruments. never borrow or lend nail files, emery board, nail clippers, etc.

Avoid artificial nails, as they tend to have a negative impact on nails.

Be sure to wash you hands with soap and hot water after touching your nails or someone else's nails.

Probably. it is usually like a little greenish spot. The nail place can fix that for you. it also happens if you don't get a fill for a while. The next time you do there might be like water or whatever and then it will become fungus.

Yes it is nail fungus, most likely cause by water getting trapped under your nails. if it doesn't get any worse you should be ok, but if it does you will need to take them off for a little while.

I think you should take them off just to be on the safe side

Do i have a nail fungus under my acrylic nail?

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