Dermatophytes Exposed in New Online Video

 Dermatophytes Exposed in New Online VideoThe IAQ Video Network produces another educational video about the health effects of exposure to microbial pathogens and environmental hazards.

Phoenix, AZ, October 3rd, 2011 — Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of another online video to help educate the public about issues that may impact their health.  The latest educational video discusses the threat to human health due to dermatophyte infections caused by Microsporum and Trichophyton fungi.

Dermatophytes are types of fungi that cause common skin, hair and nail infections. Infections caused by these fungi are also known by the names tinea and ringworm. it is important to emphasize that ringworm is not caused by a worm, but rather by a type of fungus called a dermatophyte.

Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton tonsurans are two common dermatophytes. These two species are usually transmitted from person to person. Another common dermatophyte is Microsporum canis, which is transmitted from animals such as cats and dogs to people. Dermatophytes like to live on moist areas of the skin, such as places where there are skin folds. They can also contaminate items in the environment, such as clothing, towels and bedding.

“Dermatophyte infections are very common in the U.S.,” reported Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane and Associates, the company behind the IAQ Video Network and the new public outreach video.  “They can infect anyone, including people who are healthy. The infections are generally more common among people with suppressed immune systems and amongst people who use communal baths, and people who are involved in contact sports. Outbreaks of dermatophyte infections can occur in schools, households and institutions.”

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Dermatophytes Exposed in New Online Video

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