Could shoes be the cause of a nail fungus?

 Could shoes be the cause of a nail fungus?

I bought a pair of shoes and a couple months later I developed a nail fungus in the second toe on each foot (which I thought rather strange). I tried a bunch of topical solutions however they never really cleared the fungus up completely. I have a new pair of shoes now and haven't applied anything to the nails in about 4 months and my nails are returning to normal. could it have been something in the shoe that caused the problem in the first place? I very perplexed and grateful!

Part of the problem could be the ventilation of the shoes, improper ventilation will help fungus to breed. also some of the chemicals used in processing the various materials to make the shoes may have disturbed the natural bacterial balance of your feet making them more prone to fungus.

could have been the shoes depending on the material, leather, pores etc. best to buy leather with liner, alternate shoes every other day and keep feet clean, change socks mid-day if possible.

maybe shoes
also avoid pig meat and yeast bread
take olive leaf to protect ur immune system and kill any parasites

I seriuosly doubt that new shoes gave you the fungus that you got in your toenails. Topical treatments DON'T work. if this happens again, don't waste your money. You're lucky it's going away. Hopefully there won't be a next time, but if there is, call your doctor for a prescription. He may need to see you.

try using vicks vapor rub on the toenail and cover it while ya sleep, it helps kill the fungus under the nail…ever seen the comercial with the "demataphites" living under the nail:}

Could shoes be the cause of a nail fungus?

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