Columnist Dr. Gott retires

 Columnist Dr. Gott retires

Dr. Peter Gott, whose syndicated daily advice column in the Erie Times-News became one of the newspaper’s most popular features, has decided to retire as a columnist. Saturday’s column, which will be published on the Pop, Etc. page, will be his last.

Gott retired as a general internist on July 1, 2006, exactly 40 years from the date he began practicing medicine.

Until that time, he had maintained an active one-man practice, served as medical director at two private schools, regularly saw patients at three nursing homes, was on call several nights a week and made house calls.

Since 1984, he also found time to write six medical advice columns per week. Newspaper readers loved Gott for his candor and outspoken fervor as a patients’ rights advocate.

Educated at Princeton University and Tulane Medical School, Gott, who trained at New York City hospitals, connected easily with readers who wrote to him about their ailments. He received more than 6,000 letters from readers each week, and most confided in him as if he were an old country doctor and friend.

Readers liked Gott’s plain talk and his down-home remedies, such as using Vicks VapoRub to cure toenail fungus.

Gott, who said he plans to continue to write, currently has a book of poetry and several novels in the works.

Starting Monday, the new medical advice column in the Times-News will be written by Anthony Komaroff, M.D., whose popular syndicated column is called “Ask Dr. K.”

Komaroff, a practicing senior physician with a wealth of experience, is a professor at Harvard Medical School. like Gott, he enjoys a lively rapport with his readers and said what he likes most about being a doctor is helping people overcome suffering.

The format of his column is similar to Gott’s, and he will reply to readers’ questions.

Lynch enjoyed creativity of hosting Emmy Awards

Just days after hosting her first Emmy Awards, actress Jane Lynch says she’s not sure she’d do it again.

Lynch said if she had to decide now, her answer would be no. but she says she had a great time and hadn’t felt “that creative and alive in a long time.”

Her Emmy performance Sunday received mixed reviews.

The actress is promoting her new memoir, “Happy Accidents,” and “Glee.” Lynch plays glee-club-hating cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the hit Fox series, which premiered its third season Tuesday.

Lynch says she’s looking forward to spending time with her family now that the Emmys are over. she married Lara Embry last year and is stepmother to Embry’s 9-year-old daughter, Haden.

Washington, Howard team up for youth club

Denzel Washington still applies the same principles in his acting career that he learned when he was a third grader in the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Now, the Oscar-winning actor, along with director Ron Howard, wants to show how the club has positively affected his life, along with 20 other celebrities and entertainers who were once members of the club.

Washington, the club’s national spokesman, took part Wednesday in the debut of the club’s campaign public service announcement called “Great Futures Start Here.” the PSA was directed by Howard.

“I want to be part of a solution,” Washington said. “I want to take the positive approach in regards to these kids. They inspire me.”

‘All My Children’ ends TV run today

For almost 10 years, Alicia Minshew has been portraying the sometimes wicked, sometimes sweet and always feisty Kendall Hart Slater on “All My Children.”

And now, it’s over. “AMC’s” final broadcast episode airs today on ABC.

Minshew says being on “All My Children” has been an amazing experience both professionally and personally. the friendships and connections with the show eventually led her to meet restaurateur Richie Herschenfeld, whom she married, which led to her becoming a mother.

The final show, Minshew hints, involves the entire cast gathered for a special event. she thinks the fans will like it.

“It’s an honor to be a part of it,” Minshew says. “I’m glad that I’m a part of it. I hope that we as a collective can do it justice.”

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Columnist Dr. Gott retires

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