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Atlanta Georgia USA Saturday, June 18, 2011 so how many people know what the title means? Well let’s look ‘under the hood’ we are referring to care of hands and feet. Specifically toenails and fingernails and the requirements for care and preventive treatment. Given that fungus infection of the nails affects people irrespective of their age or gender. many may say these issues are not relevant and they will not happen to me. That may be your position that you are free for life from any hands or feet health care problems. but the reality may be a little closer to home – the answer has to be you never know! but for the millions who do have Onychomycosis infections this online resource has some very focused health care solutions for feet they are We are all very fortunate in these times of advanced technology and developed and mature health care that when we live our lives within our earned income means, assuming we take care also with our health then life expectations for men and women are averaging between a 70 to 80 year lifespan. but remember if you are looking to use your feet for say eighty plus years of walking then during those year s you may need some feet care treatment which is always available 365/24/7 at Chiropody Onychomycosis Symptoms … Address and Contact Data Legend Chiropody – meaning – The art of treating diseases of the hands and feet. Onychomycosis – meaning – nail infection which may affect toenails or fingernails.

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