Can I cure nail fungus?

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It's very bad now

Personally, I've tried a lot of different stuff over the years. I had dealt with the combo nail fungus and athletes foot for almost 20 years. One "free" thing that did help a lot was vinegar.

It didn't help much with the nail fungus but it completely stopped the athlete's foot that I was also suffering from.

For the fungus I tried a lot of different things, including over the counter treatments, vinegar, bleach, tea tree oil, vicks and lavender oil. some of them did make a little difference but none of them completely killed the fungus.

I also tried lamisil which worked for a while then after a couple of months I had a relapse of the nail fungus. The scary thing with the lamisil is the possible health issues you can face as a result of using it, the doctor had me take a test to make sure my liver wasn't prone to problems before he'd give me the lamisil… gulp!

In the end what finally fixed my loong term problem with nail fungus was Zeta Clear. I think what also helped is that I made it a part of my daily ritual to use it.

Another thing that I did that probably helped was throw out my old shoes. I have heard that the fungus can live in your shoes and return after treatment. so to avoid a relapse I made sure to get new shoes and throw out the old ones.

Best of Luck!

I added a link in the source box to a great article that has a some pretty interesting info on toenail fungus and the different treatments you can use, if you wanna check it out:

Jacky is correct. I am in that long process right now and only one nail Thankfully.
The treatment which is only prescribed by your Doc includes cleansing pads, nail file strips and Loceryl 5% (like opaque varnish).
Application must be done twice weekly after filing and cutting taking great care with the varnish which contains hydrochloride so need to be covered until dry and NO fingers into mouth.
Getting rid takes a long time.

Take preventative measures. The first step in any home remedy is to take the steps necessary to prevent the fungus in the first place. you should always wash your feet (yes, with soap) in the shower. This is a much neglected daily ritual that drastically reduces your chances of contracting athlete’s foot. Next is to invest in well ventilated shoe and lots of clean socks. Sweat and heat are major catalysts in the growth of the fungus, and a well vented shoe and clean socks will help keep the fungus at bay.

Yes you can with medication from your GP but it is a long process.

Can I cure nail fungus?

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