Best Nail Fungus Cures and Remedies

 Best Nail Fungus Cures and Remedies

Many of the best nail fungus cures and remedies are available through over the counter (OTC) medications, medications prescribed by a doctor, and even a few products you may have in your home’s cupboards. it is a real problem that plenty of people experience, yet do not wish to share their problem or solutions. although nail fungus can occur on your fingernails, it usually shows up on your toe nails. it is very difficult to cure and even when it seems to have disappeared, it can re-occur again without proper care.

One of the very best remedies for this problem is keeping your nails very clean and dry and allowing them to air breath. A main reason for contracting a nail fungus problem is wearing tight shoes that are air tight which cause your feet to perspire and do not allow your feet and toenails to stay dry. this causes them to be in a constant state of dampness which allows the perfect environment for this problem.

There are many different types of nail fungus remedies, yet very few cures. begin your treatment by wearing breathable shoes that fit well. If you wear socks, make them cotton, preferably organic cotton. Change your socks as soon as they become damp if possible and / or and dust your feet with cornstarch before dressing. Alternatively, buy and wear socks that absorb moisture.

Over the counter (OTC) remedies and cures include anti-fungal cream like Tineacide or liquids like Flexitol which is applied to the nail and nail-bed daily.

More aggressive forms of nail fungus remedies and cures include anti-fungal drugs prescribed by your doctor which may include Difulcan, or Sporanox. unfortunately, these drugs may cause bad side effects like liver damage, headaches, nausea or more. these medications are very expensive if you do not have health insurance that covers prescriptions. They can cost as much as $300 – $400 a month for aggressive treatment and $100 – $150 a month for maintenance. And, they may also interfere with other prescriptions you are taking.

Home remedies that you may have in your home cupboard include soaking your feet in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, or dabbing apple cider vinegar directly on your toenails three times a day and allowing it to dry fully. another nail fungus home remedy is rubbing toothpaste into your nail-beds. Also, soaking your feet in water mixed with sea salt has been reported to help this problem.

It usually takes up to 3 months to cure nail fungus. The cure happens by killing any fungus that is currently on your nails or nail beds. When your nail grows, it will grow without the fungus being present. Yet even after the problem is gone, it can re-occur again if you continue to wear too tight non-breathable shoes for excessive periods of time.

The best cure or remedy for nail fungus is prevention. this is one of those problems of once you experience it, the problems comes back very easily. therefore, make sure you keep your feet and nails as clean and dry as possible. If you are in a damp environment like gym’s shower room, pool or spa area, do not walk around barefoot. You should wear flip flops or protective slippers.

Best Nail Fungus Cures and Remedies

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