Are There Any Treatments For Nail Fungus?

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Can someone please recommend effective treatments for nail fungus?

There is a drug called "lamisil" on the market. Or you could go to Dr. Very informative website.

Lamisil. my son took it and his nails cleared right up.

There is lamicil but, it is very hard on your liver. there are other things that you could try, like vineger or vicks or there are over the counter things you could try. I don't really know how effective they are though. my Dr. told me to keep my toenails painted with clear nail polish so i have been doing that and it doesn't seem to be spreading. make sure your nails are dry all the time because the fungus will get worse. otherwise go and see a foot Dr. maybe they can help you.

Please see the webages for more details and images on Paronychia. Over-the-counter antibiotic/antifungal skin ointment is avaiable in drug stores.

The best thing to do is go see a doctor and get a prescription for Lamisil or Sporanox. the over the counter medications work well for athletes foot but not nail fungus since the nail fungus is deep within. the creams don't penetrate the nail to cure it.

here are a couple of tried and true old remedies that have worked on clients of mine: Vick's, yes i said Vick's vapor rub. also, tea tree oil. you can find it in natural stores, rub either on the nails and the fungus will give it up. hope it helps!

Onychomycosis [fungal infection of nail] treated by systemic anti fungal tablets and topical anti fungal cream . please see dermatologist to proscribe it for you .

yes, you can get rid of nail fungus,simply soaking your nail in week pottasium hydroxide solution for about 2to3 minutes then scrap it. you also supplement it with taking anti fungal tablets. apply anti fungal ointment also.

Are There Any Treatments For Nail Fungus?

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