Anyone with info about loss of fingernail and toenail in 5 year old with no sign of infection?

 Anyone with info about loss of fingernail and toenail in 5 year old with no sign of infection?

My granddaughter is 5 and today she lost her big toenail and her thumb nail. there is no siign of infection or fungus. They appear to have just fallen off sponeainiously. has anyone else had this type of problem and if so what was the cause and what was the treatment.Please respond asap. If no one knows anything, we will contact her Dr tomorrow.


* A crush injury to base of the nail or the nail bed may produce a permanent deformity
* Nail biting can be a sign of anxiety, chronic tension or uncontrollable compulsion
* Chronic picking or rubbing of the skin behind the visible portion of the nail can produce a washboard nail
* Chronic exposure to moisture or to nail polish can produce brittle nails with peeling of the edge of the nail


* Fungus or yeast produce changes in the color, texture, and shape of the nails
* Bacterial infection may cause a change in color (green nails with Pseudomonas) or painful pockets of infection under the nail or in skin surrounding the nail — severe infections can cause loss of the nail plate
* Viral warts may cause a change in the shape of the nail or ingrown skin under the nail

Internal diseases

* Disorders that affect the amount of oxygen in the blood (such as abnormal heart anatomy and lung diseases including cancer or infection) may produce "clubbing" of the nail, which looks like the back of a teaspoon
* Kidney disease that causes a build-up of nitrogen waste products in the blood
* Liver disease including chronic liver failure
* Thyroid diseases including hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism may produce brittle nails or splitting of the nail bed from the nail plate (onycholysis)
* Infection (especially of the heart valve) may produce splinter hemorrhages (red streaks in the nail bed)
* Systemic amyloidosis
* Severe illness or surgery may produce horizontal depressions in the nails (Beau's lines)
* Vitamin deficiency can cause a loss of luster or brittle nails
* Malnutrition of any sort can affect the appearance of the nails

Skin diseases

* Psoriasis may produce pitting, splitting of nail plate from nail bed (onycholysis), and chronic destruction of the nail plate (nail dystrophy)
* Lichen planus

Heavy metal ingestion

* Arsenic poisoning may produce white lines and horizontal ridges
* Silver intake can produce a blue nail

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Reviewed by : Michael Lehrer, M.D., Department of Dermatology, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

One time i had an infection in my thumbnail and the nail got really soft and one day there was a hole in it and as the nail grew, the hole go bigger and soon i had no nail. but it grew back after a month or so. It didn't disappear alll of a sudden though. I would suggest going to the doc immmediately. I think it will grow back though, just have her wear a bandage over it to protect it

does she chew on her fingers a lot? How about if she smashed it? I know that I came from a family of 5 chilDren and have 2 of my own and both of those things contributed to their nails falling off. It is strange but it does happen. you may want to go to the dr just in case there is a fungus that you may not be able to see visibly though. Not to worry though, it will always grow back. GOOD LUCK!!

Anyone with info about loss of fingernail and toenail in 5 year old with no sign of infection?

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