Any home remedies for athletes foot and nail fungus that really work?

1309935839 62 Any home remedies for athletes foot and nail fungus that really work?

I dont want to distroy my liver with lamisil

try an over the counter topical cream or tea tree oil

fungus is a saprophyte.which actually looks like the outline of qsparagus or broccoli spears under the microscope,and not like the dogs digging and scratching on the lamisil commercials.your dna forms your immune system (contains 80 000 000 000 immune cells) of which a few do not recognise nasty ole fungus as a foreigner who oughta be denied roosting privileges,i.e.a few million of your immune cells are not gobbling up fungal spores like they should. the fungal spores might be drawn into your living space from soil a couple feet under where you live,in your walls, in the ducts of your forced air unit,your fridge,a slow leaking might try a thorough cleaning with borax and warm disinfecting foam from safeway or jewel(a white spray can with orange letters,.product of american home health)CLEAN MOP,.EVERYTHING in the house,the fridge too,use a sunlamp from a second hand shop(hard to find;ya gotta look and look;nobody knows what they are,they don"t sellem at home depot)put yer dogs & mitts into a basin of hot(not scalding) water ,) aim a few sprays of ps foam into basin for a half hour once a day,when you use the sunlamp,don't look at it,ya don't need early cataracts.chemicals like tetrachloroethane,(111)gasoline ,floor polishes,tend to worsen human susceptability to fungeous afflictions.the ps foam contains an antibiotic that kills trychophyton mentagrophytes.don"t swallow it ,or put more than a couple squirts in the foot basin,but put a few seconds of foam squirts into the mopping or sponge bucket for apt cleaning.some extra measures you could take as far as changing what you eat.mold,mildew,fungus,and yeast are critters of similar class,and exterior cleaning,plus changing what you eat,might get rid of the fungus for good.possible offending foods are sugars,colas,syrups,cheesecake,snacks,co… cream.sugars are short chain carbohydrates which are ideal food for fungus critters;deprivimg them of food source.visiting a healthfood store could clue you in further on what to make your meals with.there is not one single thing by itself thats going to get rid of frickity frackin nail fungus.another thing you might ask yer doc about this,cuz nail fungus,along with excessive thirst.weight loss,numbness in extremeties ,alcohol or fruity smell to breath might mean diabetes.,where sugar piles up in your blood,lacking insulin to convert it to usable energy,ya got a long answer here,i think there ought to be a vaccine for this affliction,but then,the total dollar value in antifungal cremes,lotions .pills herbs in one year could buy alaska or hawaii.,nail fungus is a goldmine for somebody.

Try tea tree oil its highly effective but if its too strong dilute it try it I swear no more fungus after one week It destroys the fungs so fast

MELALUKA…or better known as Tea Tree OIL. It can be applied directly on the skin…just try a small are first for irritation. Tea Tree oil is very good to treat all kinds of fungus and yeast bacterias. also it is a very good anticeptic. I keep it with me everywhere. I use it like my mother used Bactine when I was a kid.

I deal with this all the time with my clients. I have the most simple , safe solution for you . Just soak some cornmeal in water for an hour or so . Put it in a container, add warm water. Soak your feet for 30 or more minutes. Repeat each day till it's gone. More exact details are available at "Dirt Doctor" site. It really ,really works!!!

Any home remedies for athletes foot and nail fungus that really work?

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