!9# Amoresse Thymol – 1 oz

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Restores the appearance of healthy nails. Sanitizes and dehydrates eliminating the environment necessary for the growth of mold and bacteria. Thymol in alcohol is a time honored formulation used by dermatologist to treat these types of nail infections. true fungal infections are different from the changes seen with invading yeast, molds and bacteria. Both conditions may be associated with the use of artificial nails or may arise spontaneously. Gardening without gloves can also be a common cause. Yellow, brown or green discoloration at the nail tips and spreading down towards the cuticle are a hallmark of this condition. The nail plate does not thicken nor develop debris under the nail as is seen with a true fungal infection of the nail. Treatment is successful when the changing nail color no longer continues to extend toward the cuticle. Old infected nail must grow out and this may take 6-12 months. Continue treatment with Thymol throughout this time. Apply one to two droplets twice a day under nail plate. Minimize water contact with nails. Discontinue use of artificial nail tips if wearing them. Signs of inflammation, pain, lumpiness, black color change, or pus coming from the cuticles are all reasons to see your physician.

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!9# Amoresse Thymol – 1 oz

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